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I though it was about time to have a bit of fun with history!  The Roman Empire, from Augustus to Constantine XI, had 168 emperors.  Not everyone agrees who should be recognised as an emperor and who was a junior colleague who should not be afforded the honour but that doesn't really matter.  it's all part of historical debate; debate which helps to keep the subject alive.

Another point of debate is the relevant merits of the various emperors.  Who was the cruellest?  Who was the greatest?  Who was the best battle tactician?

A great was of deciding these things, and comparing the emperors is as part of a top-trumps style game.  I have rated each emperor according to the following categories

  • Age at death
  • Length of reign
  • Popularity
  • Executions and Cruelty
  • Battle mastery
  • Overall greatness rating

The first two items are part of the historical record and so are not subjective.  The last four, though, are a matter of opinion.  I have rated the emperors' Popularity out of 20, Battle Mastery out of 50 and Executions and Cruelty and Greatness Rating out of 100.

I think it would be fun to debate my ratings so please comment on the website, or via Facebook: Paul Vincent Mythandhistory.

I have created these game cards of all of the emperors up to Marcus Aurelius.  Below are Caligula and Vespasian.



From chapter Seventy Six onward I will be releasing a new card every time an emperor dies.

If you want to receive a trump card for every emperor then you can subscribe at £1, £2, £3 or £5 per month or £1 per week.  Subscribers will get the following.

Chapter by Chapter

  • Every Roman Emperor card, as a .png file
  • a .pdf file containing every card so far released.


  • a .pdf copy of 'The Myths of Ancient Greece' ebook
  • a .pdf copy of 'The History of Ancient Greece' ebook
  • .pdf copies of all future ebooks (there will be another three at least)

Please join me in debating the Roman Emperors.  it should be great fun!